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Reader's Toolbox

Before you can select the right tool to assist you, you'll need to identify the problem. Is there a nail sticking out? Maybe you need a hammer. Is the board too long? Maybe you need a saw.

Similarly in reading, you need to identify what is posing a challenge. Is there an unfamiliar word? Are you confused about what a sentence means? Use this toolbox (which we're going to fill together as the year goes on) to identify and select the right tool for the job!

Reading Strategies-

Before, During and After Reading

  • Activate your prior knowledge
  • Set a purpose for reading
  • Preview the text for any visual clues
  • Find the meaning of any unknown words
  • Monitor and adjust- Does it make sense?
  • Ask questions
  • Make predictions
  • Make strong connections- Connect Four
  • Summarize- Decide what's most important
  • Evaluate the text- Do you agree with it? Is it good literature?