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Red and White Team Expectations

Goal: For all students to have a positively successful, productive and enjoyable year.

1. Be on time and come prepared to class. This means:

  • you are quietly seated in your assigned seat
  • you have all required materials for the daily lesson. This should include a sharpened pencil, a pen (blue or black ink), a covered textbook, binder or three-ring notebook, and any other necessary materials.
  • homework is complete and ready to be checked

2. If you are late to class, you must have a pass which is signed by your teacher. Unexcused tardiness will result in detention.

3. You should respect the rights and properties of others. You should follow directions, listen attentively, refrain and speak appropriately. You are all expected to be polite and courteous. Poor language, behavior, or judgment will not be tolerated.

4. Only ask to leave the room in an emergency. Permission must be attained to use the lavatory. Patriot Passes are required to leave the room. Band and chorus students must let your teacher know you are leaving before you leave the room. This is a privilege that will be granted as long as it is not abused.

5. You must bring your Independent Reading Book to every team class and SSR.

6. Writing on desks and textbooks is not allowed.

7. Some important information on homework:

  • Homework will be given on a regular basis
  • Use your assignment book to copy down all of your assignments
  • Absences do not mean no homework - see your teacher missed work
  • If you are in doubt, you can check the homework hotline or use the remind app

Being organized is the key to being a successful student and getting good grades.

8. You are responsible for the work you miss during any type of absence. It is your responsibility to get the work missed. You may see your teacher at the beginning of class or before or after school. Another suggestion is to find a responsible person “study buddy” to ask for missed work or notes.

9. You will be expected to take a test or quiz on the day it is assigned. If you are absent, you will be expected to take the test or quiz upon your return.

10. There is no talking during a test or quiz, even if you have completed your test or quiz. Wandering eyes are also prohibited. If this rule is violated, you will earn a 0 (zero) for that grade.

11. A substitute’s word is final, if a substitute leaves a report that a student did something that would result in a punishment, then the student will receive the appropriate punishment.

Red and White Team Retake Policy

Students scoring lower than a 70 on quizzes and tests may retake the assessment if one of the following two conditions is met:

  • The student has not missed a homework assignment since the last quiz/test
  • The student has come for extra help prior to taking the quiz/test

Any student wishing to retake an assessment must contact the teacher to schedule a time for this to occur. Prior to the retake, a student must attend a “reteaching” session with the teacher to address any areas of concern or weakness on the original assessment.

Please remember:


  • Any retakes are to be completed no more than 5 days after the original quiz/test is returned to the student.
  • Students may bring their original score up to a maximum of 70 based on the results of the retake.