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For Grade 8 Students

Attention DePaolo Grade 8 Students

Attention 8th Grade Parents

Each teacher has made online course recommendations for the 2023-2024 school year.

Please log into PowerSchool starting on February 16 to view and accept these recommendations by February 21.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teachers who made the recommendation.

Attached is the registration information for all 8th grade students entering 9th grade.

Registration Information

The PowerSchool Registration Portal opens February 16th. The portal will be open until February 21st. 

Middle school grade 8 counselor will be connecting with students to ensure the accurate course selections and credit totals were made. 


New Academic Levels

*SHS will have new course levels starting in the 23-24 school year. Please see the attached document for the new level names and descriptions (also in the program of studies).  It is important to know that each level is consistent with the district's Vision of a Graduate. 

Registering for classes

Log into Parent PowerSchool to access the registration portal. Teachers have made course level recommendations. Please review the recommendations and select courses. If you have any questions or concerns about a teacher recommendation, please contact the middle school teacher directly through email. There are many courses to choose from, please take some time to review our Program of Studies and you can also watch videos about all the courses the SHS departments offer through the Southington YouTube channel: 

*Please note, if your child applied to Ag-Science and Technology or Project Lead the Way Program they cannot select those electives at this time. Your child needs to select another elective in case they do not get accepted. If accepted into those programs, changes will be made later. 

Program of Studies:

Program of Studies Click the attached links below to view the entire SHS Program of Studies AND the 9th Grade Planning Tool.

SHS Program of Studies

Grade 9 Course Selection

9th Grade Planning Tool

Omitting Lunch

Recommendation Override Form

Course Fair The 2023 course fair is an integral part of every student’s transition to SHS. This year we will be offering a virtual course fair available through our SHS Youtube channel. Each department has spent a lot of time creating presentations to give each student an idea of what SHS has to offer. In the coming weeks, our grade 8 teachers will be recommending course levels for next year and each student will also have the opportunity to choose electives to go along with their core classes. Come see what our comprehensive high school has to offer.

The 2022-23 Course Fair is posted below.

This year is a very important year. Next year you will be entering high school and we want to help you be as prepared as possible. This section of the website will provide you with information pertaining to the Grade 8 to 9 transition. Check it regularly!

For more information about the SHS, follow the links below

Ninth Grade Academy

Project Lead the Way

Agricultural Science and Technology

If you have ANY questions please contact your school counselor.

The SHS AGSCI/PLTW Assembly will be on November 10 at 8:15am. Students have direct access to the information on both of these programs through Ms. Steinnagel's Canvas page.

A description of the programs will be below.

Agricultural Science Program

The Ag-Science program offers:

  • Vet Technician
  • Companion Animal Service Industry
  • Landscape Design
  • Floral Design
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Shop Skills
  • Wildlife and Exotic Pets including Aqua Culture and Natural Resources

Project Lead the Way Assembly (PLTW)

All 8th grade students will attend a presentation about PLTW, a high school engineering program.

PLTW applications are online and must be submitted to the counseling office (TBD). Applications can be downloaded at:


Level Recommendations- IMPORTANT INFO

***All academic teachers will make level recommendations for grade nine during the end of January. Parents and students will have an opportunity to review level recommendations.

For more details on course specifics and levels, please refer to The Southington High School Program of Studies which is posted on the SHS website, JAD website, or by clicking on the following link.

The 2022-23 Program of Studies is available by clicking here.

We encourage you to speak with or e-mail teachers if you have any level questions. There is a great deal of assessment data that teachers take into consideration when making level recommendations.***