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Student Life

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Mission Statement

Students engage in a range of educational experiences to become informed, adaptive, problem solvers who effectively communicate, rise to challenges, and are committed to improve themselves and their communities.

Core Beliefs

Over the course of the last school year, the administration and staff have worked together to develop our Core Beliefs, which have determined the direction of our educational programs. We have started this year be sharing these beliefs and gathering feedback from parents and community members that will enable us to continue the process of making these beliefs take the form of specific practices in our classrooms, hallways and in all aspects of our educational programs. We will continue to gather feedback during the course of this year. Our Core Beliefs are that our role is:

1: Responding to the individual student’s social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

2: Ensuring Opportunities for Academic Achievement.

3: Providing a safe learning environment.

4: Developing students’ awareness of their role in the larger community.