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Selection Process

DePaolo Middle School

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

Selection Process:

*GPA’s are not considered in the final selection process. The GPA’s are used to determine eligibility to be considered for membership in the NJHS.

1) After all Student Activity Forms have been received, all names are removed and students are given a number. No names are seen in the selection process.

2) A point system is used to put the Students Activity Forms in order from most activities to least activities. (This point system is not used in the selection process. Each Student Activity Form is looked at individually.)

3) All teachers are invited to give recommendations of eligible students based upon a 1-4 rating scale in the areas of character, citizenship and leadership. These recommendations are shared with the Faculty Council for decision making purposes. Students discipline records are also considered when looking at these standards.

4) All Student Activity Forms are given to the Faculty Council. (The Faculty Council consists of five DePaolo staff members. All Faculty Council members receive the same criteria on which activities, character, leadership, and community services is based. Selection or non-selection into the National Junior Honor Society is based on a majority vote of the Faculty Council.)

· Each Student Activity Form is look at separately.

· The Faculty Council is looking for students to be involved with the DePaolo community not just within the Southington community, have leadership skills, and show that he/she has an ongoing, consistent commitment to community service.

· There are not a maximum or minimum number of students who may be accepted into the NJHS.

5) Students are notified of acceptance or non-acceptance via the mail.