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Volunteer/Community Service Opportunities

Community Service is an important part of the NJHS. It is expected potential candidates and current members are completing community service activities on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the year. Below is a list of possible community service activities. There are many other activities available which are considered community service. If you have any questions please check with the NJHS advisors.

Possible Community Service Activities

Activities done through DePaolo

  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • Volunteer to tutor peers
  • Volunteer to help teachers (after school)
  • Soup Night
  • Summer Clean-up

Activities done through community

  • Relay for Life
  • Walks/runs to raise money for a cause
  • Special Olympics
  • Assist/help neighbors, elderly
  • Volunteer at Barnes Museum
  • Volunteer for Easter Seals
  • Volunteer at Apple Harvest Festival
  • Clean-up
  • Volunteer at Mulberry Gardens
  • Volunteer at Bread for Life
  • Volunteer for Southington JC
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Southington Parks and Recreation
  • Rails to Trails Day
  • Park clean-ups
  • Notes to neighbors (American Cancer Society)

Activities done through sports teams / dance programs / etc.

  • Cleaning fields
  • Volunteer coach to younger teams
  • Shows at nursing homes, senior citizen centers

Activities done through churches

  • Crop Walks (walk to raise money for food pantry)
  • Blankets for Love
  • Volunteer reader to youth
  • Volunteer teach at vacation bible school
  • Volunteer babysitter